The Brand

  Donovan England was established in 2010, and was built on four main philosophies. First, “the world is your playground; you choose the rides to take.” When we think of lifestyle we know that life is a series of adventures with unknown outcomes. Whether it’s a classic formal event, or a special flashy night out, we make garments that will fit your occasion perfectly. Second, we know that “quality does not happen overnight,” and luckily for you we spent the first three years hammering this out. We made every mistake in the book. It took sampling hundreds of suppliers, in thirteen different countries, and two failed factories to create the “Dream Team” that it is now. We do top of the line construction with the best materials on all our products. Rest assured, every failure has been used as a lesson on how to be better. Next, “better to wear no suit at all than one that doesn’t fit.” We believe that suiting, jackets, and clothing in general are about presentation. In our process we use a twenty-three-point measurement system, 4-point body analysis, and a shoulder gage to best construct a garment that accentuates the body and brings out the best in you Last but not least, “offer a price that does not compromise the quality of the product.” Our pricing is extremely competitive for the quality we do. In the early days of the company we tried offering “cheaper” products but issues and sacrifices in quality deemed not to be worth it. We will always strive to get better pricing for our brand family, without negatively affecting our quality. Currently we service three different countries and eight states domestically. The brand represents a diverse group of clients across several industries from business to politics, to sports to military. Our vision is to make you look amazing in everything we create for you. From our production team to our brand ambassadors, the Donovan England family is a solid group of adventurous, driven, passionate individuals who work hard to make that vision come true. Our clients are not looked at as customers but as family, join ours today.