1. Suits- Custom
  2. Jackets- Custom
  3. Pants- Custom
  4. Vests -Custom
  5. Shirts - Custom
  6. Overcoats- Custom
  7. Ties
  8. Bow Ties
  9. Bracelets
  10. Magnetic Collar Stays (Purchased)
  11. Hats
Half Canvas is our default, which is a fabric interfacing starting at the top of the shoulder extending to the 1st button and wrapping into the lapel. Full Canvas is available for additional $150 per jacket.
90% of our fabrics are milled in either Italy or England, ask your stylist for specifics based on selection.
For new clients to order you must meet with a team member by appointment or conference call.  Existing clients can order online or call your brand ambassador.
We typically meet clients at their office or home, but we can always make exceptions if needed.
Appointments are generally 45 minutes to 1 hour.
With custom work, existing client orders are approximately 4 weeks, while new client orders can take up to 6 weeks. Non-custom orders ship next business day.
We take 100% of the payment upfront.
We ship direct to you and link your email address to the tracking.
Have no fear! We cover all alterations on final fittings. When your products come in, try it on. Then send us a front, back and side photo to help us determine where the issues are. We will then advise you on a local tailor shop to go have the changes made on our dime.
Don’t stress. If there is an issue that can’t be resolved with the local tailor we will remake the garment, no question.
Unfortunately, due to the order being custom fit to the client’s specifications, we do not accept cancellation on any custom orders.